Naturally Nwadi


SZA's album is the album I never knew I needed. I am going to be honest, I have never been a true follower of R&B. I like the genre, but I don't seek out R&B artists like I do hip-... Continue Reading →

Life update……

It feels good to be back. It has been almost  month since I've written and that will not happen again. I vow to write on here once a week. It's pretty strict but I am making a lot of changes:... Continue Reading →

My love for Gilmore Girls…

Every night after a long, hard day of college, I retreat to my room. I log into Netflix and mull over all the options I can watch before I end up choosing the same show, Gilmore Girls. This show has... Continue Reading →

End of an Era…

Every year without fail I always get nostalgic around April/May. For me, it's the end of an era. It's the end of sophomore year, the end of living on campus, the end of my counseling center visits. They weren't lying... Continue Reading →

Black Girl Renaissance….

I remember dreaming of having soft, bouncy curls and light blue eyes. I remember waking up to my coarse, Nigerian hair and eyes so dark that I would get into arguments with the other kids if my eyes were black... Continue Reading →

No Such Thing as A Life That’s Better Than Yours

One of my friends and I were discussing if the phrase "there's not such thing as a life that's better than yours” was true because sometimes it doesn't feel that way.  I went on a school trip to Chicago and... Continue Reading →

2016 in Review(Part 2)…..

I have been dreading writing this part because I hit quite a few lows in my life. I took L's and couldn't bounce back. Aug (Day 14-31): My mom, sister and I traveled to Baltimore to move my sister into... Continue Reading →

2016 in Review(Part 1)…..

2016 was the year of firsts.... Jan: It was the first time I experienced winter. I had been softened by my Louisiana "winters." I put winter in quotes because the lows were 30s and it maybe snowed once, and I... Continue Reading →

Come to America where….

Watch: Come to America where all of your dreams will come true. Where the only thing standing in your way is yourself. Everyone from everywhere is accepted. I believe the phrase "melting pot" was coined. So why is it... Continue Reading →

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