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The Greatest Battle There Wasn’t

Wow, the Ludacris v Nelly rap battle was embarrassing. I suffered from so much secondhand embarrassment that I had to close my Instagram a couple times to recuperate. But as I suffered through the Instagram battle, it reminded me so... Continue Reading →

COVID 19 Stole My Job

I think anyone born in the late 90s can agree that COV19 is the craziest thing that we have ever experienced. (I was 5 when 9/11 happened). I also think we can all agree that the effects of Corona have... Continue Reading →

Starting Back up Again

New year, new semester. I successfully tackled my first semester of law school, so second semester should be a breeze, right? WRONG. These first couple of days back into the swing of things is making me question why I even... Continue Reading →

(Nwadi) the builder

(I know it's not perfect, but it's a 10 in my eyes) (My Biglots dresser, my Fenty Beauty lip gloss kit, a pink cactus, a corkboard for my earrings and a pillow my best friend got me. Y'all, I built... Continue Reading →

Favorite Makeup of 2019 Part 1

If y'all didn't know, I'm a bit of a makeup lover/guru/junkie. My love for makeup started when I was 16 and has only grown since then. One of my favorite things to do is recommend makeup to my friends so... Continue Reading →

(Almost) Legally Blonde

Long-time, no write (ya get it?). If you're confused about the title, I recently finished my first semester of law school at Tulane. So what's law school like? Is usually the first question I hear. Well, it's a ton of... Continue Reading →


SZA's album is the album I never knew I needed. I am going to be honest, I have never been a true follower of R&B. I like the genre, but I don't seek out R&B artists like I do hip-... Continue Reading →

Life update……

It feels good to be back. It has been almost ┬ámonth since I've written and that will not happen again. I vow to write on here once a week. It's pretty strict but I am making a lot of changes:... Continue Reading →

My love for Gilmore Girls…

Every night after a long, hard day of college, I retreat to my room. I log into Netflix and mull over all the options I can watch before I end up choosing the same show, Gilmore Girls. This show has... Continue Reading →

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